Treeskulltown events around the world :

NFT NYC in 2023 and in 2024, Biennale MOWNA 2023 + Let Be Art #NFC23 Lisbon organized by Braw Haus x Tezos France x Lezard House. Paris at IHAM NFT gallery with the GENESTHAI project by BRAWHAUS, double page in N3w Society bookzine,"Alternative is reality" 1/1 exposed at the launch event of the bookzine at the NFT Factory at R HAUS ART BASEL Miami 7/10 december 2024 with BRAWHAUS and RUG RADIO. Selected artist by curator Rhynotic fot the Neal Digital Gallery to be exhibited on a 8 x 11 m screen in Joy City Beijing / selected JOYN's Official Metaverse Gallery Launch! @oncyber / selected artist at COEXISTENCE "Philosophical Reflection As Exhibition Showcase" QUANTA Gallery London / The White Cube Salon on QUANTA Gallery Metaverse / selected artist at the "Digital Art Salon" with "The Glitch Visceral" Mars 2024 at Brooklyn.

Treeskulltown makes sub-realism a concept represented by a totemic city arising from the unconscious free from any technical constraints,

in fact his way of working is mobile with a tablet with keyboard and stylus to control his workflow, designed as a playground and experimentation, a search for balance between personal creativity and family life..

Its objective is to rediscover the joy of painting like a child and each street is constructed in a subrealist form, the term "sub" wanting to define a subversive form of the subconscious of one's inner child.

In essence, it always strives to be minimalist and subversive, and has become known for its unique combination of high-definition animation loops over old, lost public domain masterpieces. with the thinly veiled goal to make the history of art accessible to future generations.

Trained in cinematographic arts, including stop-motion animation, Treeskulltown is a versatile and polymorphous artist, his creations emanate as much from the traditional as from the digital.

Already almost 20 collections from 50 to 100, or more than 700 #skulleth produced and published every day over more than two years...

#skulleth a term to define these totemic works a representation of anima of the soul of the movement which comes to life like a fluid animated by a digital painting which wants to be free and instinctive, nothing is fixed in Treeskulltown and this whole animation will be able to surprise where we least expect it.

Everything starts in this creative process from a key moment where the artist rediscovers a master canvas in its given base which speaks to him, which challenges him and the idea takes shape, a form of abyss between his contemporary work and that of the painter, to challenge by the addition of more or less synchronized movement to give a form of perpetual movement, the echo of a part of the face echoing an external movement giving a semblance of life to the canvas.

truly honnored to be collected by BORGET Sebastien the COO of
The Sandbox with "Phygital" unique pieces hacked by the artist at the GENESTHAI event by BRAWHAUS opening IHAM NFT gallery Paris
"spring ability" in the collection "U.O.L" : Unity Of Line
1/1 on

X-HACK DAY at the NFT Factory
REMIX "lookup" by X-COPY
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Excited to see my work included in the #NFTNYC2023 Community Artist Showcase at NFT.NYC! 2023 April 12-14 NFT.NYC
with "pinball sucker ball"

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