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Welcome to the city of mystery.
and break perception limit.
Who lives here ?
it is the spirit of the ancients...
Those are...
The Power of
belongs to whoever acquires it.
It is full of mystery and unknown.
The wizard within you is the only one who can to activate it.
With all the powerful impregnation of his will.
It does not matter that this is a virtual artifact.
Magic is immaterial, so is crypto-art.
You have the key in you.
That's all that matters for the moment.
You are master of your powers.
It's up to you to show them the path towards the restitution of the power of the ancients.
The achievement, the illumination.
The success there is not the point of this quest.
You will be covered with gold to be sure and if it is not your flesh.
This will be your heart and your soul.
The safeguard of your golden soul and much more important than anything, to be sure,
leave, let with the words the power in you take all its flight and rise more and more until your enlightenment.
>You are gold, you are light.
You are an infinite number of possibilities.
You are the sum of the lives of your ancestors.
Everything has always been engraved in you.
It's up to you to activate yourself ...


Like what you see ? It's

it's time to discover the full scope of the project,
It's a really real-time performance,
every day #treeskulltown produces a virtual work of art that he publishes on the polygon blockchain,
thereby canceling out purchases in ethereum of these works,
no additional cost of gas transfer using this cryptocurrency,
it is already the first approach of honesty and sincerity towards the collector,
the safety of a constant production is another one,
50 works per series spread so therefore over more or less two months,
in the most instinctive way it is,
whether in GIF animation or in digital painting,
his art wants to be primitive,
instinctive and the closest to this fact of creative freedom absolute,
using his tablet, he can create anywhere, on a trip, in nature, in transport, at home, this freedom of support is part of this constancy,
because the artist's goal is indeed this constancy in the creative equilibrium without constraint or concessions ...



treeskulltown seeks the origin of primitive street art, such as basquiat in its early days, reintroducing Neo-Impressionism paintings on the walls of the streets of New York, homage to its origins and quests for the foundation of tribal art and instinctive.


treeskulltown does the same in its virtual city, virgin of all civilization, or post-apochaliptic, the mystery remains intact (for now).


this is where his #skulleth take their place along the streets, avenues, parks and abandoned places, like iconic totems, at their feet a phrase of power activates the ritual that frees their anima.

Crypto Art

>Crypto art is the future and it's now, it's more like art or collectibles or limited series? No it's just material equality for the digital artist in the art market, value, rarities and demand make NFT and crypto art valuable for the future and it's now...

Crypto art refers to a work of art using blockchain technology in the form of a non-fungible token, abbreviated as NFT. This technology makes it possible to make a digital work of art authentic and tamper-proof or to guarantee the right of ownership of a physical work...

In 2021, interest in NFTs increased. Blockchains such as Ethereum, Flow, Polygon, and Tezos have set specific standards to ensure that the digital item represented is genuinely one of a kind. NFTs are now used to market digital assets in art, music, sports, and other popular entertainment and limited series...

treeskulltown roadmap.

but an evolving and open creative continuity over time and the evolution of the project and its dimension on the scale of the network.

this is #future

August 2021

first 1/1 series of 50 #NFTs: silent street on:

September 2021

second 1/1 series of 50 #NFTs: dreamer land on: @opensea

October / november 2021

third 1/1 series of 50 #NFTs: heroic hill on: @opensea

december 2021 / January 2022

fourth 1/1 series of 50 #NFTs: PunkAvenue on: @opensea

Material Destiny Template displayed on iPhone
January / February 2022

fifth 1/1 series of 50 #NFTs: Bored Eye Embrace Mystic #BEEM on: @opensea

Mars / April 2022

sixth series of 50 #NFTs: "Courtesans of the Mirrors Gallery" on:

May / June 2022

seventh series of 50 #NFTs: "Cybe_Root" on:

2025/ 2026 All the streets are populated / Interactive AI #skulleth

all the streets, avenues, parks, buildings, and even abandoned places have been populated, the city is now complete... at this moment of treeskulltown the inhabitants will communicate with each other according to their distinctive personality and will evolve in the city of their own metaverse consciousness.